Great Reasons to Visit the Underrated Country Bear Jamboree at Disney's Magic Kingdom

Published: 06th December 2011
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A lot of people have undoubtedly heard about Walt Disney World Resort's Country Bear Jamboree. However, you most likely have no plans in checking it out as you plan your own Disney holiday. Why is that, specifically? It's possibly because Country Bear Jamboree actually has a bad reputation, and these are the reasons why: from being run by an outdated technology to humor that lots of people don't get, as well as featuring country music that most people doesn't like - the reasons why this particular attraction has a bad reputation could go on and on. This is a bit of a bummer, because in comparison to the few minute rides with couple hour lines, this attraction has a lot to offer, should you give it a chance. You will certainly have a change of heart after reading through reasons why you should check out this vintage and well-known attraction.

1.) Technological Flash Back

While it is true that the technology that runs the Country Bear Jamboree is outdated - audio animatronics are not exactly the cutting edge, there is a high quality to presenting these critters real and in front of you which makes the attraction special. Almost most people are so used to viewing things that look practically real from a THREE DIMENSIONAL display screen, and it's not hard to forget how awesome it is to see things like the actual mounted heads of Max the Deer, Melvin the Moose, and Buff the Bison coming to life as they sing out right in front of you. Even computer technologies so advanced can't overcome something this concrete and genuine. So many bears, so little time to study them - Liver Lips McGrowl, Henry and Wendell, Trixie, The Sun Bonnets, Big Al, and many more!

2.) Culturally Coded Music

Whether or not you really enjoy country music, there is no explanation that you can not appreciate it. Country music, particularly the soulful type performed by these Southern Bears, has a rich tradition, culture, and heritage. Songs like "My Woman Ain't Pretty (But She Don't Sware None)," "Mama, Don't Whip Little Buford," "Tears Will Be the Chaser For My Wine," "All the Guys That Turn Me On Turn Me Down," and "Blood on the Saddle" exemplify the lyrical side of country, but also make use of a vein of wit that ties together all the elements of this particular Walt Disney World attraction.

3. ) Wit with Broad Overall appeal

The wit you will see and hear in the Country Bear Jamboree is complex. On a base level, you have anthropomorphic bears, each of which portrays a drawling Southern Stereotype. The complete silliness and ridiculousness of the jokes can, naturally, be recognized by anyone with a love of life, whether you are a Southerner or not. On a deeper level, the dialogue and lyrics exchanged by these giant furry folks is amusing, smart, and irreverent. These jokes apply to all age range, and even jokes meant for grown ups do not affect the youngsters' enjoyment of the show.

4.) At the minimum, AC!

If going to the Country Bear Jamboree is still not part of your vacation plan, even after reading through everything above, then at least consider this. Orlando, Florida is very hot and you will be walking around the Walt Disney World Resort all day under the heat of the sunshine. If you visit the Country Bear Jamboree, you will definitely get a break from the temperature of the sun as you enjoy the air-conditioned indoor attraction for 20 minutes.

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